The Maiden Voyage

I want to welcome you to the maiden voyage of Dad Talk.  Having been a father for over 35 years, and counting, I have come to the conclusion that there is still much to be learned about being a father. 

My experience raising four children (two biological, and two adopted), interspersed with opening our home to some 32 foster children and now two grand children has earned my wife and me some interesting insights.  People have called me, saint, sinner, fool, idiot, crazy, among many other descriptors.  You can call me what you will, but you can not take away the times, both good and otherwise, my wife and I have had as parents over the past three and a half decades.

You will probably agree there are many ways a father can be described, some good and some bad.  I have, at times, been guilty of some really stupid actions, and have also stumbled upon some real gems of fatherhood, all of which were learning experiences.  All in all, I hope my journey through fatherhood will still find me on the positive side of the scorecard when my children are asked.  In the end, the legacy I leave behind will be judged by those closest to me and by the God that I serve.

I hope you can join me as often as possible.  I plan to share the experiences of my life as a father and as a son to a father.  Hopefully, my life lessons will help you avoid some of the pitfalls of fatherhood that are so painful to endure.  Maybe some of the funny or touching moments will bring you a smile when one is sorely needed to continue your voyage through fatherhood.

Remember you are not on this trip alone.  If nothing else, I am here.  I will be listening to those of you who are brave enough to share, and will be listening to the spirit within for those of you who for some reason will not choose to be heard.  In any case, I think we can all grow together for as long as this time endures.

I want to leave you with a definition of a Dad, I ran across in my readings.

What is a Dad?

A dad is a mender of toys, A leader of boys. He’s a changer of fuses, A healer of bruises He’s a mover of couches, A soother of ouches. He’s a pounder of nails, A teller of tales. He’s a dryer of dishes, A fulfiller of wishes.  Bless him, O Lord. – Jo Ann Heidbreder

If we can only be identified with some of these descriptors, we will be well on our way to building that legacy we all so desperately need to leave behind.


En servicio como padre



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