Children Teachers

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

As a foster parent, my wife and I had the occasion to experience many personalities in the form of the children who came into our lives.  One such child came directly off the Indian reservation.  She was found wandering the streets in the dead of winter wearing nothing but a small sun dress. 

Christina was only two years old when she came to live with us but she was wise beyond her short years, and she was a true survivor.  She could get up in the night, eat everything in the refrigerator, rifle the pantry, use every dish in the house, try to put frozen pizza in the video disk player, use every toilet, drink a whole gallon of milk, and return to her bed without waking a single person in the house.

She had the smile that could melt your heart and the ability to turn your wrath into laughter with the phrase; “look what I did”.  Christina never before experienced flushing toilets and was intrigued with them.  My older boys were driven in shame, from the local department store, on more than one occasion, when she took the opportunity to fully experience the bathroom displays in the middle of the plumbing section.  

Christina experienced everything.  She asked questions there were no answers for, she was God’s way of showing us we really didn’t know anything.

As a father, I learned a great deal from two year old Christina. Christina taught me about loving life, about having fun, about experiencing as much as you can, and how to love your family more than anything.

Our hearts ached when the time came for her to return home.  Not because she was going somewhere bad, quite the contrary, she was going home to a mother and two brothers that loved and missed her deeply.  Our hearts ached because we knew Christina left more of her with us than we sent with her.

As fathers we should recognize that we have a very short time with our children.  We should not avoid teaching the lessons that will help our children be better prepared to have an impact on this world, but we should also allow our children to be children.  Don’t be in such a hurry to make your children grow up.  They have plenty of time to become what God has called them to be. 

Fathers watch and listen to your children.  They will teach you more than you ever thought possible.

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