Fathers Under Attack

Lately it seems everyone I know is facing some kind of problem.  Just when it seems you are about to see daylight, here it comes again.  Right through the back door when I was keeping watch for it from the front door.

Does this sound familiar?  If so, count yourself blessed.  Yes, I said “Count yourself blessed!”  You are doing something right.  You are on the right path about something.

When I was a kid everyone would tell me if things weren’t going right I must be doing something wrong.  What they meant was, “I must have sin in my life.”  Now I have come to realize these people were operating under a big misunderstanding.  If I have sin in my life, why would the enemy want to point that out to me?  Wouldn’t  he rather have me continue on in my sin and not realize there was something I needed to change?

As fathers, we need to understand some basic things about spiritual warfare:

  1. The enemy wants us to think we are always in trouble.
  2. The enemy wants us to think he is more powerful than he is.
  3. The enemy wants us to be looking for him and not for God.
  4. God is in love with us and is not here to discipline us.
  5. Our Spirit is at war with our mind.
  6. You were born someone you were never intended to be.
  7. You are made in the image and likeness of God and as such have all capabilities and authority at your disposal.
  8. Peace is one of the, if not the, most powerful weapons against the enemy in spiritual warfare.
  9. The battle has already been won we just need to accept it.
  10. Fathers must do battle for and alongside their families.

The first three items may seem to be just basic but you would be surprised at how many times I talk with people who will tell me they must be doing something wrong because God is mad at them.  As a father would you discipline your children without explaining why they were being disciplined?  If God is your spiritual Father and you accept that fact, you must accept the fact that if you are doing something wrong, God will be quick to show you what you are doing and what the impact of your actions will be.  You see, you are subject to the seeds you plant not the whims of a vengeful and arbitrary supreme being. 

The enemy is without power and authority.  All authority comes from God, and all power comes from true authority.  Therefore the devil has to get his power and authority from someplace.  God will not give it to him.  He must trick you into believing his lies and in the process trick you into giving your God given authority and power to him.  If you keep your eyes on him and give authority to him, you will never look to God and all the gifts a loving Father wants to bestow on you.

It has been said we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  We are spirit first and physical second, therefore, the battle is always about who is in control.  Did you ever notice when you try and get still to pray every thought in the world begins to come into our mind and we have trouble concentrating and listening for God?  That is the mind trying to stay in control.  We must learn that we can control our mind and allow the spirit to be in control.

Being spirit first we must understand we were born a physical being and as such we are something we were never intended to be.  Even as a physical being, God intended us to be ruled by our spirit.  When Adam sinned, we began to be ruled by our physical man and not by our spirit man.  When we understand who we are intended to be, we can understand what power and authority we truly posses.  All men are made in the image and likeness of God and have access to all that God has.  This is why Jesus said “these thing and even greater will you do”.  Once we realize our relationship with God, we can then explore the true power and authority that comes from God.

Peace is the most powerful weapon we posses.  When we are at peace, the enemy realizes he has lost all hope.  He is put in his place and we can begin to live the life full of the promise God has laid up for us in heaven.  We can live victorious lives here and now.  We don’t have to wait until we get to heaven to be victorious.

The victory was won on the cross.  Jesus paid the price and all authority was taken back from the devil and handed to us.  Stand tall fathers, we are to be victorious and we are to teach our children to live victorious lives.

Don’t stand alone.  Strategic fathers are here to stand with you.  Together we can show the world what victory in Jesus is all about.

En servicio como padre



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