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The Doctors Visit

As a child, one of the most feared things was a trip to the doctor.  As I remember it, Doctor Arnold was not the one I feared.  He was a seeming kind man, who was always gentle and soft spoken.  My memory has him to have always had gray hair and to always wear a white shirt.

He would come in the examining room, read my chart, ask me a few questions, look into my mouth and ears, then turn to his nurse, Miss Jessie, and order a SHOT. 

This is what I feared!  Up until this point I was holding out hope.  Suddenly, all hope was lost.

As I turned my eyes to the evil Miss Jessie, she would be dutifully preparing the most painful thing in the whole world, the hypodermic needle.

Miss Jessie was all business, she could grab you with one hand, expose your butt cheek with the other hand, and with the other hand stab you with that needle filled with some mystery concoction that was sure to increase the pain of the injection.

Wait a minute……that was three hands!  I always knew there was a secret Miss Jessie was hiding.  She was way too adept at getting that shot into your butt.  With three hands you would never see it coming.

As much as I hated that shot, and to some extent the poor Miss Jessie, I did soon begin to feel better.  That thing I so feared was not so bad after all.  Without it I would still be very sick and might never get any better.

Today we try to avoid anything that resembles discomfort.  Like a little child in the Doctors office, we often miss the fact that without the momentary pain in our lives, we stand no chance of ever getting better.

As fathers we have all experienced pain in our lives, some more than others.  The point is that we need to not dwell on the pain, but we should use the experience that led us to the pain to help us grow.  We need to search out God’s plan for our lives and recognize that through the pain, we will grow both spiritually and physically.

We must also recognize that we never go through any painful expereince alone.  Our Father God is always with us.  We often to not call on him, but he is there just the same.  Instead of resisting the pain, we need to learn to call on God and trust in his faithfullness to us.  He will always pull us through our most painful experiences with a great blessing in the end.

Remember, every day begins with a night.  In that darkness we call night, we need to look to the light that is Jesus.  He will help us along that path that leads to a much stronger you.

En servicio como padre




I want to start out by saying to all who faithfully look in on this blog, I apologize for not having posted in several weeks.  As we walk along this path that we call life, there are times when we find ourselves ambushed.  Such is the case with me.

  Having become comfortable with the feel of the path I was walking, I neglected to pay attention to the warning signs around me or to listen to the Holy Spirit as he warned me of danger ahead.  The enemy attacked with a well orchestrated and vicious ambush that sent me reeling and spiritually disoriented. 

My Father God, in all his wisdom allowed me the room to fight the battle my way but watched over me with intent that I should not be destroyed.  I eventually came to the realization that I needed to heed my own advise and trust God.  At that point he gave me the wisdom and resources to overcome.

 Thank you for your patience with me.  I am renewed in Spirit and have grown from the trials I have faced.

I never stopped praying for those of you who have expressed a need.  I most appreciate those of you who have prayed for me during this time.  We will continue, as together we move forward into a closer and more intimate relationship with Jesus.

God Bless


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