Haman – Unabashed Pride

Haman – Self-absorbed, proud, deceitful and arrogant.  This evil father was abusive and neglectful.  He sought after the praise and adoration of man.  When it was withheld, he looked to destroy the offending parties.  Not only did he seek to destroy the “offender” he was so arrogant that he felt he should destroy any connection to the offender. (Esther 3: 5-6)  Erase them all from the face of the earth!

When questioned, by the great King Xerxes, about how he should treat a man that had pleased the King, Haman was so self-absorbed he thought the King could only be talking about him.  Thus, he easily fell into the trap set by the King to force Haman to honor his “offender”, Mordecai.  (Esther 6: 6-12) 

Haman represents many fathers in the world today.  They are focused on themselves.  Their interest is on their career and how they will acquire the next promotion.  They are intolerant of others they perceive as less capable than they.  They are abusive of their wives, children and subordinates in their job and society in general.

You see them everywhere.  They drive the finest cars, wear the finest clothes, they are covered in obvious bling.  Their arrogance shows in every experience of life, even in the way they walk.

Their children normally take one of several paths.  They fear contradicting the Haman father.  The abuse, physical or mental/emotional is too much to bear.  On the one hand, they become subservient and attempt to please the insatiable demands of their father.  They try to excel in sports, band, academics, whatever, not because they want to but because their father demands it of them.  On the other hand, might take the path of rebellion.  since they can’t please the Haman father, they do just the opposite.  They don’t even try.  Sometimes they get involved in drugs, trouble with the law, fail in school and life in general.  They lose all hope and value in themselves.  They reject their father and all he strives for.  They are sometimes all but disowned by their father.

The Haman father is so self-focused he doesn’t see the great fall coming.  Eventually, the people around him turn against the arrogance.  At this point, the Haman father succumbs to the destructive spirit that has driven him to this end.

The breaking of the Haman father is probably the most painful and destructive for both the father and his family.  The pride is so deeply a part of who this father is, that deliverance is long and marked by many setbacks.

The loss of respect by family, friends, and coworkers, is often too much to handle.  Drugs and/or other women are sometimes substituted to reduce the pain of rejection.

Turning to the healing power of God is the only answer.  I hope that many of the Haman fathers who read this will seek out help from God and God’s people around them.

I encourage all of you to look deep inside yourself.  Study your motives and actions.  See if the Haman father has established any place in you.  If it is present, take deliberate steps to change before you reach the cliff at the end of the road.  Seek help and encouragement from Godly men, some of which have tread this path before you. 

Unabashed pride is one of the most destructive spirits in the world today.  It is encouraged by our society and has no place in the heart of a father.

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