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Magnificent Whispers

During this time when so many people seem to be under great attack, in one form or another, God is revealing His incredible ability to communicate to us.

So many people I meet today are just like me.  We have endured 2007, a year of repeated enemy assault.  Many I have met have lost their jobs.  Some have lost their health.  Still others have had their confidence shaken because they have not seen answers to their prayers.

 In the past month, 2007 is finishing with my exiting the ranks of the actively employed.  At 57 years of age I find myself looking at a new year, 2008, with no present or steady income.

As a father, I hear the prayers of my youngest son when he asks for God to help me find a new job.  I hear the concern in his voice, but I also hear the sound of true faith in his level of expectation.  He knows God has been good to us and he knows he will not stop now.

It may seem odd, but I to have approached this latest battle with a new confidence.  A confidence that passes all understanding, a confidence that says, “this is all part of God’s plan”.

Over this past month God has begun to reveal Himself to me in a whole new way.

In the past He would speak to me during my prayer time in thoughts and words.  Sometimes I would even hear his audible word, when he really needed to get my attention.

Recently though, God has begun to reveal Himself to me in what I have come to know as “His Magnificent Whispers”.  Much like Elijah in I Kings 19:12, “And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire [a sound of gentle stillness and] a still, small voice”.  I hear much noise and activity in the world around me, but I do not find God in these events.

He has been drawing my wife and me into a more intimate understanding of Him.   We have both been filled with a great, insatiable desire to know more of Him.  To hear his words, not with our ears, but with our hearts.

As we keep our face to the North, He speaks to our heart in words that are so quiet, they seem deafening.  Take the recent experience of a rainbow.  This rainbow, set in the northern sky, was so vivid and clear it consumed the entire sky from horizon to horizon.  Yet there was no sun.  The sky was still clouded over and completely overcast.  His whispers so quiet said “I have given you a promise.  That promise will not go void, I will fulfill as surely as this rainbow reaches from west to east”.  Not as word was said, but our spirits knew the words of God’s Magnificent Whisper.

In the still of the night, God awakens me.  I know that I must pray, but know not what for.  There is just a knowledge that I must remain in a state of prayerfulness.  His Magnificent Whispers speak of His love for His people.  He shares His heart about the days ahead, the days of fulfillment.  The days of victory for those that have been oppressed.  Those that have lost, those that have grown weary of battle.  “Victory is on the horizon, says the Great and Glorious God.  Make ready for I shall fill their hearts with joy and their loves with prosperity.  No more will they be in pain, no more will they be sick”.  These are the words that are so quiet I can’t help but hear them, God’s Magnificent Whispers.  Not a word have we exchanged we just know.

I encourage you to seek after the heart of God, to quit worrying about how to hear His voice.  Just fill yourself with God’s word, get still, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into His presence.  Once there shut out the noise of the world around you and concentrate all your love on Jesus.

He will speak to you in His way.  He will reveal Himself to you, so quietly, and so softly, that you will hear nothing but His Magnificent Whispers.

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