Obama vs. Abominable

It is not often that I will comment on politics in my blog.  In fact, I find most politicians are so far from the normal family situation they don’t have the slightest understanding of what a normal family situation is.  I just couldn’t let “Super Tuesday” go by without making some comment.

It is highly appropriate that “Super Tuesday”, this election year is also the same day as “Fat Tuesday”, since most of the egos fighting for your vote can be described with a “Fat” moniker, i.e. “Fat Head”,”Fat Mouth”, “Fat Cat”, you get the point.

Please don’t mistake my cynicism as a request that you not go out and vote.  My intentions are quite the opposite.  I take my right and obligation to vote very seriously.  In fact, the intent of this article is to encourage as many of my readers to vote as possible. 

As fathers, we are charged with the safety and care of our families in every arena.  This includes doing everything possible to assure the country your family lives in is the best place your family could possibly be.

Along that vein, the American humorist, Bill Vaughn was once quoted as having said;

 A citizen of America will cross the ocean to fight for democracy, but won’t cross the street to vote in a national election”. 

This has never been truer than in the most recent elections.

Fathers, “Super Tuesday” is your opportunity to do more that just expresses your opinion.  It is your opportunity to exercise your obligation to vote for the person whom you think will assure the next term of the office of President of the United States will provide the safest environment for your family to live in.

I don’t care if you think Obama is better than Abominable, or if McCain, Romney, Huckabee or even More Abominable, is the right person to protect the liberties of this great country.  What I care about is that you make an informed, reasonable, and responsible decision.

If every father in America will do their part to vote, we would have the best voter turn out in history.

Think about it.  Please!

 En servicio como padre



1 Response to “Obama vs. Abominable”

  1. 1 Charlie February 13, 2008 at 5:17 AM

    here here…
    strong statement Dave…
    i love it


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