The Bug and the Windshield

I was reading some notes I took from a sermon given by one of my spiritual mentors back in 2004.  In that sermon, Ernie Fitzpatrick challenged his congregation to “Stop being the bug and be the windshield instead”. 


As I read these notes, I remembered the position I was in.  Out of work after a lay-off, I was reaching the end of my savings and was desperately seeking any type of income to make the mortgage payment and to put food on the table.  Gasoline had not skyrocketed yet, but it might as well have been $10.00 a gallon as it was a pinch to assure there was enough gas left in the car to drive to the occasional interview.  I seriously doubted my ability as a husband, father and even a man to provide for my family.


I would look at people I met with a different eye.  I was always measuring myself against them and trying to figure out why they could go to work everyday and I could not.  Although not a handsome man, I was clean, fairly lean, had a full head of hair with very little gray.  Perhaps I was not tall enough, not smart enough, or not quick enough.  I just didn’t know and was beginning to believe it didn’t matter anyway because I was living out some curse that would lead to my ultimate destruction.   Worse than that, though, was the idea that I would fail my family in the process.


I prayed and read my bible daily, I kept up to date on the latest events in my chosen career field, and I even keep a keen eye out for opportunities outside anything I had ever known before.  Still nothing was happening.


In my minds eye, I was less than a bug.


Seeking some form of hope we soon found ourselves leaving the denomination we were members of for most of our married lives, only to arrive at a little known fellowship of  people who, although full of love, seemed to have some very different views on God and on life in general.


In this time everything we thought secure was tested.  Every measure of success, every truth we thought we knew, and every person we thought we could trust; even our faith in God was tested.


Everywhere I turned it seemed I was smashed upon the windshield of life like the bug I was.  Once a proud husband, father, professional man; now a bug spattered upon the windshields that stood on every side.


Ernie’s challenge made me think.  Why should I be a bug?  If I believe in a God who is the Creator of everything, why could He not make me the windshield instead of the bug? 


What I failed to comprehend, until much later, was that He already had made me the windshield.  I was not the bug at all.


Newton’s second law of inertia says; “For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction”.  Said in a different way; “you exert back as much force as is exerted on you!”  Put in terms of the bug and the windshield, as the bugs were flying into me, I was exerting force back at a level that was needed to overcome.  The enemy was the bug, I was the windshield!


 I now understand!  All of the pressure I had been experiencing was exercising my spiritual muscles.  Much like the weight lifter, God was allowing me to experience increasing weight so I would need to exert back more force than I ever had in the past.


He was making me a stronger warrior!


As a father, this meant he has been preparing me to be a better father and grandfather. 


Fathers, don’t look at the circumstances you are presently facing as a barrier.  You must learn that you are the windshield.  All these circumstances you now see, these are the bugs and they will not overcome.  Just change your thinking and you will see the secret of becoming a great warrior.


You are the windshield not the bug!


En servicio como padre



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