Have I Loved Them Enough?

Today, as I was mowing my lawn, I began to think about my children. Each is so different from the other, no two of them the same. Each child given unique talents, unique looks, and unique heart. Each one finding success in a different and unique way.

As I thought about each of them I realized I loved them with all that I have. I would do anything for each of them. I know, if I needed to, I would put my life up to protect them. The depth of my love for each of them is yet untested, even though I have loved them for such a long time.

It’s really all I have to give each of them. I have a home on some property. I have a small amount of money they will inherit when I pass on to be with my Father and my fathers who have gone on before me. But these things will stay here on this earth and will be subject to the corrosion of time, and the gyrations of the world economy. They will end or lose the power to comfort and bring peace to my children.

As I think about my children, I remember my father and mother. I was one of eight children, and my parents worked hard every day to provide food, shelter, clothing, and transportation for each of us. As I grew older and moved into adulthood, my parents also grew older and both passed on before me.

All that my parents worked for was divided and distributed to all of my brothers, sisters, and me. This was a small amount and, although all they had, it didn’t make a difference in my standard of living. It would not sustain me and my family for very long if it was all I had. It was not the physical things they left behind that were most important to me. It was the Love they put into me, and my siblings, every day of my life while they were alive.

It is my parent’s love that has given me riches greater than I could ever imagine. I knew that the love of my father and mother was so great that they would put their lives on the line to protect me.

I pray my children know how much I love them. Have I told them often enough? Have I showed them through my actions and my words?

As I have said many times, I have learned that the greatest Father of all time is the God that I serve. He has provided every physical thing that I enjoy today. He has provided every thing I use to support my family. He would not and does not withhold anything from me. He has held up and given up his life for me. It is His love that I try to emulate and pass on to those around me.

As I think about my children, I know I have loved them. I know they know I love them. I try to be transparent in my love to them.

I ask myself, “have I loved them enough”?

Only time will tell.

En servicio como padre


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