Who is your favorite Veteran…Memorial Day 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Half way through this Memorial Day weekend it dawned on me that, being a veteran, it would be really cool if someone provided a place for readers to tell the story of their favorite veteran.American Flag

Padre Steve in his blog Padtesteve’s World did a magnificent job of remembering the great men and women who have had a significant impact on his life and career. I highly recommend you check in on his post: “Remembering the Veterans in my Life….Memorial Day 2009”.

Before you go, take a moment to comment on this blog about Your favorite Veteran. My readers and I would be extremely grateful and Statue of Libertyproud to read about those who have and still are putting their country ahead of their personal ambitions to make our lives a little safer.

I will lift each one up in a prayer of thanksgiving for their sacrifice, and pray for their good health and protection. I further encourage everyone who reads these accounts to do the same. It is the least we can do on this Memorial Day 2009.

God Bless you all.

En Servicio Como Padre



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